this friend of mine is having a bollywood themed birthday party and we have to dress up as an actor/character. SO WHAT DO I DRESS UP AS?

so far i have:

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  1. batameez-dil answered: CIRCUIT!! and get someone to be Munna!! :D
  2. rumaani answered: OMG circuit!!
  3. ishqmainhaijaan answered: kajol ddlj wala or Kareena k3g wala
  4. heybluestrose answered: Poo from K3G would be hysterical if you acted the part too. Is it only desi friends at your Bollywood party? :)
  5. aahista answered: what if you dress up as the little Anjali from KKHH
  6. chippedcupofchai answered: Lol Kajol from the first half of KKHH would be really easy ;)
  7. stardusted answered: Sunehri from Dhoom 2 :3
  8. barsaat answered: aish in action replayy?
  9. harveyspectersbiwi said: Circuit or Paro :D
  10. tanipartner answered: just be paro from devdas wear a fancy sari is the traditional fashion, heavy jewelry, a big red bindi! :D
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